Salary and benefits

1, the entry into the labor contract, the purchase of social security; free pay card;

2, including food and lodging, with independent balcony Restroom, water heater, fan, TV, can apply for a single dorm;

3, every year the organization 1-2 times the team development or tourism activities;

4, company offers basketball, table tennis and other entertainment;

5, organize the tug of war, chess, table tennis, basketball, birthday, entry and other activities will;

6, new employees after 6 months, with a reasonable ticket full reimbursement of travel expenses;

7, the bole award, rationalization proposals award, outstanding staff award, annual award, outstanding contribution award ".

01 R & D Engineer 1名 2016/09/23
02 Exterior designer 1名 2016/09/26
03 Advanced graphic design 1名 2016/03/28
04 Marketing department graphic design 1名 2016/04/12
05 Design Assistant 2名 2016/04/12
06 Production scheduling planner 1名 2016/04/12
07 godown keeper 1名 2016/04/12
08 Production PC member 1名 2016/04/12