• Briseis New Products Collection2017-06-16

    The brilliance of diamonds comes from the quality of the cutting face, and the bright cut creates the highest value of diamonds. Briseis series, the biggest bright spot is the unique cutting surface. To break the overall pattern of furniture modeling, the use of geometric structure design techniq

    Ken New Products Collection2017-06-13

    The aesthetic elements of modern architecture, provides Everfount creative inspiration for the process design of Kaine, a struggling passion and fighting spirit and efficient work of the business elite over the long term, the best working environment is relaxed and lively, natural and comfortable, f

    Bass New Products Collection2017-06-08

    BASS front, BOX style structure from the modern architectural Classics -- Water Villa, the overall use of BOX elements, stacked woven into shape, emphasized block combination, the BASS and the same water villa with a clear sense of sculpture. Flowing water villa in the visual extension of space, in

    EIFFEL New Products Collection2017-06-03

    Built the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France in 1889, the height of 324 meters, is the world's masterpiece in the history of architecture technology, had to keep the world's tallest building 45 years and more than 100 years to stand tall in the Seine river, not only become the French romantic emotional a
  • Wood Source New Products Collection2017-06-03

    Wood source -- meaning to enjoy the meaning of natural life; It comes from taste and enjoyment, which is the height of life. The wood source -- the material, the craftsmanship, the work of the day; Slow down and let the soul keep pace with you; Stop and enjoy the temperature of your work.

    Ispace 30 New Products Collection2017-04-10

    Ispace is the room for insight, imagination and wisdom. Open structure, broaden your horizons, bright colors stimulate your imagination, original design hits your wisdom. Ispace, with a flexible screen for you to divide the perfect office space.

    Added Four Seats Products Collection2016-12-05

    Simple function, so that the function is minimalist; three functions of the extension, layout in different office space, the perfect embodiment of the concept of integration and balance. Into the heart, every detail, we try to figure out, and create an experiential comfort.

    Borg, Noah cabinet space to promote information2016-11-14

    Borg space cabinet, into a powerful storage function, office partition, decorative features, stylish design, beautiful and practical, and truly a multi-purpose materials; production of dawn white imitation leather paint and MFC board two process practices, Founder , Simple atmosphere, a solid struct

    Paul (Paul) series product promotion information2016-04-18

    Paul product positioning for economic and practical models, with superior market competitive advantage, broad audience

    Kodak CR series product promotion information2016-04-12

    Keda positioning for economy, the main use of 5050 steel square tube connection, cost saving and yet beautiful; concise look generous, and office of the international trend of convergence, widely used in modern office space; according to the requirement of the fan on the desktop storage, pay attenti
  • ECO Aike series product promotion information2016-04-12

    E-CO=electon Code, 2010 of iphoe4 world since the rapid development of mobile electronic products. Today's era is the era of mobile electronic devices + Internet, mobile electronic products to bring great convenience to life, such as a variety of buy, a variety of online payment, etc....... Although

    Katie series product promotion information2016-03-28

    Katie table leg design inspiration from the building curtain wall design principles of steel structure, designer of numerous for Jane, cleverly the "Y" shape and structure of the perfect fusion, desktop modeling is also simple and lightweight, overall design fashion, beauty, personality prominent. C